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  • Greenpeace, Washington DC (the Client) retained the professional services of Granberry Consulting Services, LLC (2001) as an Environmental Remediation Consultant on a large chemical spill at a facility in Mumbai, India. Granberry Consulting Services LLC supplied the Remediation Protocols and counseled the Project Management company on behalf of Greenpeace. The clean-up was successfully concluded for the Client.
  • Low temperature extraction of citrus essential oils (oranges, tangerines, grapefruit) and other chemicals from citrus peel, Minute Maid Corp., Plymouth, Florida.
  • Process design and formulations for nitroglycerin mixes for military explosives, Laboratory Supervisor, Hercules Powder Company, Radford Arsenal, Radford, Virginia.
  • Managed a health hazard evaluation over a four-year period that addressed potable water contamination (trichloroethylene) for a 9,000-man government aerospace contractor workforce in Palm Beach County, Florida.
  • Reviewed and evaluated foreign military chemical weapons (primarily Russian) disposal for a U.S. Army contractor. Additionally evaluated the potential for exposure to residents in surrounding communities, Toole, Utah for carcinogenic chemicals.
  • Retained as an expert for a Los Angeles law firm in a Central California water aquifer contamination matter involving ammonium perchlorate contamination in potable water supplies. Served as technical expert for five California water supply agencies. Prepared comprehensive investigation report and was deposed.
  • Investigated and prepared evidence and a comprehensive report with photographic back-up and trial testimony in an ammonia explosion and fire in an Atlanta, Georgia warehouse for a Chicago law firm ($20,000,000 in damages).
  • Evaluated the use of PPE and other Safety / Industrial Hygiene Protocols on a demolition project at a U.S. Army facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland that processed weapons grade anthrax for a commercial client. Arranged technical briefings to resolve all safety and health issues.
  • Interstate Highway Bridge demolition project, Milwaukee, Wisconsin — removal of a large failed section of an interstate highway over Milwaukee Harbor. Scope of work required special Safety Protocols to prevent municipal sewage plant damage. Weather conditions were high winds and 30 degree below zero temperatures. These conditions required special attention to personnel safety and hydraulic equipment operations. Protocols required working at heights over 100 feet off the ground in sub-zero weather. The use of electrically powered suits were required.
  • Retained by the Monongahela Power Authority for a coal silo demolition project, Morgantown, West Virginia — removal of a 500 ton spill of coal in a silo that impacted the Monongahela River. Additionally involved removal of a deceased employee’s body from the silo.
  • Retained by the owner and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Ocean Tower One, Key Biscayne, Florida — demolition of a 28-story fire damaged structure that was in close proximity to other large buildings and homes. Prepared and executed an arson investigation in conjunction with Miami-Dade and Key Biscayne Fire Departments and the Florida State Fire Marshall’s Office in Miami, Florida ($80,000,000 fire loss).
  • Florida Power & Light Plant, Ft. Myers, Florida — demolition and removal of oil fired boilers and adjacent structures. Involved measurement and location of carcinogenic materials in this structure (vanadium pentoxide, chromium, lead paint, asbestos, etc.) Prepared and executed Safety Engineering Protocols and Industrial Hygiene Protocols for demolition contractor and sub-contractor personnel.
  • Florida Power & Light Plant, Sanford, Florida — demolition of oil fired boilers and adjacent structures. Involved measurement and location of carcinogenic components (vanadium pentoxide, asbestos, chromium, lead, etc.) in various structures. Prepared and executed Safety Engineering and Industrial Hygiene Protocols for demolition contractor and sub-contractor personnel.
  • Retained by the Department of Energy, Rock Flats, Nevada and the prime demolition contractor — demolition of six complex structures that were contaminated with alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Monitoring was required both before and after demolition was completed.
  • Retained by the demolition contractor, Florida Power & Light Fuel Oil Storage Facility, Boca Grande Island, Florida - demolition project involving removal of 500,000–1,000,000 storage tanks and disposal of tank residues containing carcinogenic chemicals. Operations required extreme care to avoid any spillage of residues into Estero Bay and surrounding bodies of water,
  • Retained by a Central Florida law firm to perform a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. The affected area was a rural area with many private homes. Analysis involved migration, dissipation and concentrations of plumes. Prepared documents to avoid a summary judgment successfully.
  • Retained by the facility owner to evaluate the use of proper PPE involving demolition of materials containing vanadium pentoxide at an electrical generating plant in Central Florida.
  • Retained by Carolina Steel Corp. to perform an ASTM 1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for 12 large acreage sites in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Prepared comprehensive technical reports with photographic evidence as well as test results for toxic materials. Developed a disposal plan to correct all conditions found.
  • Retained by an Allentown, Pennsylvania law firm to investigate and prepare evidence and trial testimony in a paper mill fatal accident involving paper slurry. Prepared and presented mediation testimony that assisted in resolving matter successfully for the client.
  • Retained by insurance carrier for SHIN-ETSU Chemical Corp., Tokyo, Japan to perform a HAZOPS Analysis / Audit (various chemical products) for a partially completed chemical plant. Submitted comprehensive reports to the client as to 100% compliance with US EPA, CERCLA, CAA, and CWA statutes.
  • Retained by a New Orleans law firm to investigate and prepare trial testimony regarding a diethyl ether chronic exposure at a major Louisiana university organic chemistry laboratory to pregnant female employees. Testified at deposition and pre-trial. Matter successfully concluded for client.
  • Served as a Charter Member of the first Florida Toxic Substances Advisory Council. Charged with preparing a list of Highly Hazardous Chemicals that would be incorporated into Florida Statutes. Appointed by the Governor of Florida.
  • Served as a Charter Member of the first Florida Emergency Response Commission, appointed by the Governor of Florida. Drafted Interim Rules for Emergency Response units of the State and Counties for response to spills, chemical releases, major industrial accidents, chemical accidents, and explosions / catastrophic fires.
  • Hazard Assessment Audits, Quaker Oats Company, Chicago, Illinois for plants located in Kissimmee, Florida and Deland, Florida — Conveyor Systems, Lock-Out Tag Out Systems, PPE Practices and Procedures, Machine Guarding Systems and Procedures, Electrical Safety Procedures / Compliance with National Electric Code, Compliance with all applicable OSHA standards. Re-wrote any Quaker Oats Standards and Procedures that were not in compliance with applicable OSHA and/or state standards. Coordinated with Corporate Safety Engineering Office in Chicago, Illinois on all matters reviewed.
  • Assessment and measurement of Coefficient of Friction on walking working surfaces in a wide variety of venues for law firms, insurance carriers, public entities, private owners, and government agencies (Florida) — sidewalks, tile surfaces, stairways, ladders, landings, roads, public building entrances, private dwellings (entrances or interior floor surfaces), ship decks, scaffolds, gangways, gantry towers, missile and jet engine test stands (stationary & mobile), communication structures (towers), restaurant walking surfaces, restaurant food preparation areas (kitchens), restaurant patron areas, restaurant intake areas. Locations included ships (freight and cruise), missile launch gantries, private homes, municipal buildings, private clubs, trucks, fire equipment vehicles, hotels, road surfaces, etc.
  • Designed and supervised building machines for sorting, grading and processing oranges, lemons, grapefruit, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, orange and grapefruit peel, watermelon juice, bakery mixes, pharmaceuticals for various purposes (orange/lemon/grapefruit oil derivation), American Machinery Corporation, Orlando, Florida and Minute Maid Corp., Plymouth, Florida.
  • Retained by facility owner. Accident investigation, auto repair shop, Orlando, Florida — Oxy-Acetylene torch explosion. Employee suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Equipment was found to be defective with minimal maintenance.
  • Retained by a Houston, Texas law firm to investigate accident and fatality at a tank manufacturing plant, San Antonio, Texas — exposure to welding fumes / non-use of PPE / failure to enforce basic Safety Engineering and Industrial Hygiene practices. Assisted law firm in preparing discovery materials and pre-deposition of company employees. Made a comprehensive plan inspection with photographs and opinions.
  • Retained by a Raleigh, North Carolina law firm to investigate a fatal accident at a plywood manufacturing plant in North Carolina — failure to lock out / tag out a screw conveyor causing an employee to be drawn into screws and fatally injured. Prepared a comprehensive report with extensive photographs and testified at deposition. Matter was successfully concluded for the client.
  • Retained by a Mobile, Alabama law firm to investigate an accident on a Marine fuel transport ship, Mobile, Alabama — lack of and failure to follow confined space entry procedure, three fatalities.
  • Retained by a Charleston, South Carolina law firm to investigate a confined space entry accident on board a USN ship in Charleston, South Carolina dockage — failure to utilize Confined Space Entry Procedure (sewage tank) — three fatalities.
  • Retained by a Connecticut law firm to investigate an underground fuel storage tanks accident. Mold colonies depleted oxygen concentration in the underground vault enclosure. Two fatalities (Mold Induced Oxygen Depletion Phenomenon).
  • Retained by demolition contractor and sub-contractor to advise on Safety Engineering and Industrial Hygiene protocols for the demolition of Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania — demolition project — monitored for asbestos, lead and other metals (i.e., chromium, cadmium, arsenic, mercury) and proper PPE usage by contractors. Provided professional services with legal counsel for various OSHA visits during the demolition process.
  • Retained by the demolition contractor and Alstom Power Corp. (France), Homer City, Pennsylvania — demolition of a collapsed fly ash silo (500-600 tons), tandem use of very high capacity cranes (1,000 tons) at extended reach distances. Supervised crane operations. Supervised Seismic Operations prior to demolition.
  • Retained by plaintiff to investigate and testify in an oil refinery scaffold collapse, Northwest Texas — investigated scaffolding set up and maintenance procedures by contractor. Testified at deposition. Case successfully concluded for the client.
  • Retained by the building owner to perform a mold assessment and remediation — four story multiple occupancy office building (hurricane water damage exterior walls and entire tile roof), Vero Beach, Florida. Mold assessment on all contaminated interior spaces and monitored remediation contractors’ procedures for remediation and disposal of contents.
  • Retained by an Alabama law firm to investigate an abandoned five story building collapse — investigation of failed demolition procedure (one fatality). Confirmed illegal drug use by demolition contractor and developed time line of events.
  • Retained by plaintiff to investigate an alleged chemical exposure at a large middle school re-roofing project, Pensacola, Florida — investigated exposure of employees to harmful chemical fumes. Testified at trial. Case successfully concluded for client.
  • Slips & Falls on various cruise ship decks, Port of Tampa, Port of Miami, Port Canaveral. Wide variety of deck contaminants and footwear of plaintiffs.
  • Retained by a Jacksonville, Florida law firm to investigate paper mill, North West Florida — possible exposure to chlorine dioxide (fatality). Case was settled successfully for the client.

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