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Environmental Management

As the complexities of compliance with environmental regulations have grown and environmental risks and liabilities have increased, many companies have turned to organizations like Granberry Consulting Services, LLC to help them manage their environmental actions. For many small to medium size companies that cannot justify the cost of an environmental specialist on staff, Granberry Consulting Services, LLC can serve as their environmental resource. Our objective is to provide an alternative to owners by serving as an "extension of their organization."

We understand the importance and impact of good environmental management. As an environmental management group versus an engineering company focused on remediation, Granberry Consulting Services, LLC professionals use their extensive hands-on experience and technical knowledge to assist clients in meeting compliance requirements and reducing environmental risks through cost-effective means.

Support to our clients is provided through:

  • Audits – to define environmental risk management controls and compliance with EPA regulations.
  • Retainer Services – to provide an "open line" for consultation, problem solving, regulatory inquiries and help when needed.
  • Permitting/Records & Reporting – to assist in preparation, filing and resolution of conflicts or violations, record retention and required reporting.
  • Contingency Planning – to develop and review emergency and spill control action plans and deal with toxic substances and materials.
  • On-Site Support – short- and long-term assignments for environmental management, serving as an extension of your staff.
  • Remediation Management – project management including: 1) identifying and assisting in selection of remediation contractors; 2) defining scope of work; 3) effective cost control and 4) negotiation with regulatory agencies.
  • Assessments – of property prior to purchase, closure or sale to identify environmental contamination or probability of contamination (utilizing ASTM E1527-13 Standard Practices).

In today's changing business and regulatory climate, Granberry Consulting Services, LLC is prepared to provide the support and assistance needed for successful environmental management to avoid unnecessary risks. We will tailor a system to fit your company's needs, providing technical and managerial backup for your success. Call us for the quality help environmental issues require.

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