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Environmental Property Assessments

One of the most precarious risks a purchaser, lessor, operator or lender faces is the potential risk of acquiring environmentally contaminated property. The severity may range from a spill of lubricating oil to property being declared a “Superfund” site requiring millions of dollars of clean-up costs.

For protection during property transfers, Granberry Consulting Services, LLC has developed an effective format for the identification of property transfer risks. Granberry Consulting Services, LLC “Phase I” environmental assessment utilizes ASTM Standard E1527-13 (ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process). The basic components of this ASTM Standard are as follows:

  • Location and review of current and historical documents for the site and immediate vicinity - maps, plans, aerial photographs, etc. Only reliable sources for necessary documents required will be utilized.
  • Review of ownership and usage of site and adjacent property.
  • Review of local, state and federal agency regulatory records or data.
  • Interviews with individuals knowledgeable about the site.
  • A thorough investigation and inspection of the site and observation of adjacent properties and activities.
  • Preparation and presentation of a comprehensive written report with photographs and supporting documents as specified in the appropriate ASTM Standard utilized.

The key to Granberry Consulting Services, LLC success is our ability to assemble and accurately interpret relevant data. Our thorough evaluation permits us to develop a professional opinion on the risk associated with the site and probability of contamination. The results, conclusions and supporting documentation are presented in a comprehensive report, enabling our clients to make more informed business decisions.

Current or prior usage at a site may indicate a reasonable chance of on-site contamination. In these instances when it is not possible to provide a professional opinion without a defined subsurface investigation for possible contaminants (“Phase II” assessment), Granberry Consulting Services, LLC will recommend and assist in appropriate additional investigations by qualified sub-contractors. Providing this additional service will be approved by the client in advance of any field work being done.

Granberry Consulting Services, LLC has provided environmental assessments at a wide variety of sites. Using our varied technical backgrounds, corporate experience and ability to communicate effectively with environmental attorneys, we will provide you with the quality environmental assessment that not only satisfies lenders, but enables you to make informed decisions with confidence.

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