Grapberry Expert Services

Granberry Consulting Services, LLC is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in Chemistry, Safety / Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Consultation and Expert Witness Services, operating since 1989.

Our clients include insurance companies, law firms, governmental entities, manufacturing & industrial companies, defense contractors, building owners, and realty firms and banks requiring indoor air quality / building envelope evaluations or Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

Our projects range from a simple slip & fall matter to complex environmental contamination issues involving multiple chemicals and large tracts of land. We provide industrial / manufacturing firms with risk assessments on new or existing processes.

We have provided complex analyses of munitions (chemical and ordnance) disposal procedures. We have managed mechanical and explosive demolition projects requiring expertise in multiple areas such as safety engineering, environmental considerations, toxic chemical exposures, welding & cutting, hoisting & rigging / crane operations. Our primary specialty is chemical industry safety.

Company founder Edwin P. Granberry, Jr., DBCFE, FAIC, has been qualified as an Expert by various courts in the following areas of expertise: Safety, Environmental matters, Toxic Chemical Exposures, Indoor Air Quality, Machine Guarding, Slips & Falls, Emergency Response matters, OSHA / EPA Compliance (29 CFR 1910 and 40 CFR) and Chemistry & Chemical matters.

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Call to assist your company in resolving the complex chemical situations it may be facing or if you are an attorney and a forensic investigation and expert witness testimony are required.

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